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Poetry and artwork created in honour of St George's 10th birthday

By : St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool

Wednesday, 24 March 2021


St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool Contributor


We are delighted to share two fabulous poems written by St George's hydrotherapy users in honour the pool's 10th birthday. Also, this piece of artwork (pictured), which was created for the occasion by the pool's full-time lifeguard, Jade Bell. We hope you enjoy...

When I think of St George's...

“Sublime, soothing

Temperature of the water.

Gradually, gently

Easing symptoms.

Out of the pool


Generous, often humbling,



A poem For St George’s on the occasion of their 10th birthday.

Happy Birthday St George's

We’re now in double figures! -
aged 10, and going strong,
we’ve seen it all, and had great fun
as the years have raced along.

What a decade we have had,
it’s been a bumpy ride
but, with pluck and courage,
we’ve swum against the tide.

We’ve soldiered on, determined,
strong-willed, we’ve kept afloat,
the secret of our buoyancy
is surely worth a note –

for we’ve become a family,
spurred on by mutual zeal.
Encouragement, and a common goal
keeps us on an even keel.

Ideas for this, and plans for that,
and much creative stuff
have kept our spirits lifted
when the going has been tough.

We’ve done exercise, aerobics,
swimming, chilling out,
we’ve chatted, sung, relaxed, laughed,
made friends – without a doubt.

The pool has been our sunshine,
the highlight of our weeks,
it’s soothed our stress and worries,
and eased our pain and creaks.

Thanks to ALL who make it work,
and volunteers and staff
for all your help and friendliness
and our lovely big, hot bath!

The success is in the teamwork,
and this haven makes us feel
that we are loved and valued
as we smile and laugh and heal.

Three Cheers for ‘St George’s Friends’’
without you, we’d sink for sure.
Because of your commitment,
there are more good times in store.

We look forward to the next 10 years,
of that there is no doubt.
We’ll soon be reunited
and free to float about.

And Thank You our supporters
for your generous cheques and cash.
You’ve helped us grow and blossom, and
we’ve really made a SPLASH! 

Sue Moore (March 2021)

A recording of Sue reading her poem can be found on our Facebook page -

We'd like to say enormous thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to contribute to our special day. We really do appreciate it.

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St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool

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You can contact the pool by emailing: The pool is part of the old St George’s School building (now Heltwate St George's). The entrance is on Dogsthorpe Road near the Dogsthorpe fire station. There is free car park by the pool's entrance.