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Malcolm Green

2018 – Latest update on Malcolm Green

We are delighted to report that Malcolm regained enough health in 2014 to enable him to move to be with his family in Hessle, East Yorkshire.  He and his family attributed many of this health and wellbeing improvements to his time at St George’s.  Malcolm continues to make regular trips back to Peterborough and always includes a couple of sessions at the pool during his stay.  His doctor is pleased with latest test results and progress.  Malcolm says, “My GP says there is a five percent improvement in my health compared with six years ago, while people with my conditions can experience an annual three per cent loss.”  He says exercise, diet, his continued visits to the pool, and the friends that he made there have all played a part.

Original story 2013

When visiting the pool you are bound to meet an inspirational user.  One such person is Malcolm Green.  Malcolm (61) is a retired police officer who previously enjoyed excellent health.  Then six years ago, he suffered a heart attack, followed by two strokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and Type 2 diabetes. 

When he is well enough, Malcolm attends St George’s twice a week.  This is to improve his health through exercise and for the “feel-good factor,” he says his visits bring him.  He is enthusiastic advocate for the facility and says, “I find it so beneficial and refreshing; I am always really pleased that I have made the effort to come.  It’s such a happy place.  All the users and staff are so cheerful and supportive and there is such a relaxed atmosphere.  I am given time; I have freedom and I enjoy it immensely.  The water is such an inviting temperature and I love the spa!”  Since Malcolm first began using the pool six months ago, he has says he has noticed improvements; he finds he can now do more and has gained confidence.  “It has been so worthwhile; I have 100% positive sense of achievement.  People who have not endured a chronic illness cannot truly empathise.  I would definitely encourage anyone in a similar position to try it.  Once you have, you will not regret the day.  It’s just positives upon positives.”   

Malcolm Green Malcolm Green